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ROSEBERRY Donkey Milk Natural Organic Soap 
ROSEBERRY Donkey Milk Natural Organic Soap


The use of donkey milk as a moisturiser in cosmetics is even more fabled, thanks to Cleopatra. The Egyptian queen took a daily bath in it, with a steady stream of milk supplied by more than 700 lactating asses. The stuff ‘erases facial wrinkles, makes the skin more delicate.
Remarkable results are being reported in people with psoriasis, eczema,

Another special Donkey Milk soap superfatted with cherry kernel oil, essential oils of rose geranium, palmarosa, howood, grapefruit, orange blossom, cedarwood, cypress, ylang ylang & jasmine absolute.
Coloured with bilberry powder & topped with cranberry seeds.
An unusual, unique aroma that is not as sweet as the normal berry smells, but is quite dry & earthy.
The essential oils are very conditioning for the skin, especially for problems such as combination skin, where the skin is both oily & dry in patches.
100g Bar - Gift boxed.
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