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TI-TREE & SEAWEED Natural Organic Dog Soap 
TI-TREE & SEAWEED Natural Organic Dog Soap

Lyme disease & the Deer tick, which inhabit the fields, hedgerows & countryside. also affect people, who do not get it directly from dogs,
they get it from being bitten by the same ticks
that transmits it to dogs, so preventing exposure
to ticks is important for you & your dog.

The perfect shampoo bar for dogs!
100% natural with virgin olive oil, coconut, Shea butter, sunflower/castor oil with essential oils.
Handmade without chemicals, a combination of essential oils of Ti-Tree, Seaweed & Lavender,
cleanses, restores sooths & stops itching.
Lemon Grass wards off, fleas & bugs that get on your dog's skin.
Gentle enough for any age dog, after shampooing, rinse with clear water with a little added cider vinegar.
Use regularly keep your dogs skin & coat healthy, parasite free & a fresh clean smell
110g - Boxed 

NOTE: Not to be used on cats due to the essential oil content.
Price: 11.00


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