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FIZZING THERAPY BALLS (Choose your Aroma below) 
FIZZING THERAPY BALLS (Choose your Aroma below)


Our name for a Bath Bomb - Fizzies are much too special to be called just "bath bombs". 

A spa treatment that you can treat yourself to at home. Benefit from every second as the essential oils slowly release into the warm water, turning your bath time into an aromatic, naturally fragrant treatment.  

You will find an enormous difference in the quality of our truly 100% natural, handmade products, to the mass produced, synthetically coloured & fragranced counterparts that exist on the market.
Half a tablet is sufficient for one bath.

Aromas - Citrus - Velour's Rouge - choose which you want from the drop down menu.

Gift Boxed - Three Fizzing Therapy Balls 
Price: 8.00


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