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the one - PURE ROSE MOISTURE SURGE Anti-Ageing Cream Natural Organic 
the one - PURE ROSE MOISTURE SURGE Anti-Ageing Cream Natural Organic

This lovely crème can be used by all skin types. Geranium essential oil balances the skin, normalising both oily & dry skin types. Also good for congested, problem skins, it stimulates the circulation & improves the flow of blood. 
Palmarosa essential oil restores water balance & also helps cell regeneration. 
Ho Wood essential oil is said to tighten the skin, therefore this crème is suitable for young & mature skins. 
Finally, we add the extravagant absolute of Rose, mildly astringent, beneficial for refreshing & reviving dry, sensitive skin. It is also a valuable treatment for broken thread veins, imagine that it takes 30 roses to produce 1 drop of this fabulous oil.
Last but not least - contains the best moisturiser that nature can give us; Miraculous Hyaluronic Acid which occurs naturally in the body, rejuvenating & anti-ageing.
We packaged this special product in an airless pump.
30ml - Boxed.

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